Module quang STM1 155M L1.1 20-40Km V50017-U324-K500



Siemens SFP transceiver SDH STM-1, S-1.1, L-1.1, L-1.2, up to 155 Mbit/s SMF 1310nM, dual LC/PC connector, DDM/DOM 

  • Giá: 700,000 > 1,000,000

Module quang SFP chuyên dùng cho SDH Coriant Siemens PN: v50017-u324-k500

Siemens SFP transceiver SDH STM-1, S-1.1, L-1.1, L-1.2, up to 155 Mbit/s SMF 1310nM, dual LC/PC connector, DDM/DOM 

Connection Dual LC
Type SFP
TX Wavelength 1310nM
RX Wavelength 1310nM
F.O. SM (OS2) Range 10, 20, 40 Kilometers
Fiber optic type Single mode


Coriant (Nokia) compatible V50017-U323-K500 SFP Module

Type: SFP

  • Compatibility: Alcatel (Nokia) compatible
  • Tx/Rx Wavelength: 1310 nm. / 1310 nm.
  • Media Type: Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)
  • Optical Budget: 19 dB
  • Max. Distance: 15 km
  • Data Rate: 100-155Mbps
  • Temperature:Standard 0°-70°C


 Pricing & Ordering

  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Risk Free Return Policy


 Key Technical Data

Media Type:

Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)

TX Wavelength:

1310 nm.

RX Wavelength:

1310 nm.

Minimum Optical Budget:

19 dB

Maximum Distance:


Supported Data Rate:


Supported Applications:

100M Ethernet (100Mbps), STM-1 (155Mbps)



Temperature Range:

Standard 0°-70°C


Double LC

Tx Wavelength Bandwidth:

100 nm (1260-1360 nm)

Rx Wavelength Bandwidth:

100 nm (1260-1360 nm)

Minimum Transmitting Power:

-15 dB

Maximum Transmitting Power:

-8 dB

Receiver Sensitivity:

-34 dBm

Receiver Overload:

-3 dBm


110-200 ps/nm

Transmitter Type:

FP Laser

Receiver Type:

PIN photodiode


+3.3V single power supply




CE, Class 1 FDA and IEC60825-1 Laser Safety Compliant, INF-8074i, RoHS, SFP MSA

Transceiver Type:



V50017-U323-K500  155M-SFP-15D SFP Datasheet

Coriant (Nokia) Compatible V50017-U323-K500 SFP Module is based on our product 155M-SFP-15D. When You will order it will be encoded to be compatible with Alcatel (Nokia) equipment and it will be labeled with part number: 155M-SFP-15D-AL, where AL means Alcatel (Nokia) Compatible. Above You can download datasheet of our 155M-SFP-15D product.


 Product Description

(Nokia) compatible V50017-U323-K500 is SFP (Small Form factor Pluggable) Transceiver, operating over Double Fiber Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) optical cable. It has minimum guaranteed optical budget of 19 dB, with in most cases is enough to reach about 15 km distance. However, distance is just indicative parameter calculated for comfort of identification. Eventually we calculate distance taking in account minimal optical budget and average attenuation of optical cabling in industry. This transceiver use top quality FP Laser transmitter with operating at nominal wavelength 1310 nm. and 1310 nm. PIN Photodiode receiver. It support DDM/DOM optical diagnostics, with provide diagnostic information about the present operating conditions. Alcatel (Nokia) compatible V50017-U323-K500 operates in Standard 0°-70°C temperature range and has Double LC interface. SFP support 100-155Mbps data rate and such applications as 100M Ethernet (100Mbps)|STM-1 (155Mbps). SFP Double Fiber optical transceiver is multi-purpose module used in number of different places of today’s networking. Consequently, most popular applications are Enterprice network Fast Ethernet Links, ISP FTTH Networking Fast ethernet Links, SONET/SDH STM-1 Links and other optical links.

    Transceiver is CE/RoHS certified and it is Compliant with product safety standards. We perform compatibility tests for (Nokia) compatible V50017-U323-K500 SFP Transceiver with latest platforms of Coriant (Nokia) networking equipment, which allows us to encode transceiver EEPROM memory to be compatible and work seamlessly with Alcatel (Nokia) platforms. However, our optical transceivers are compliant to SFP Multi Source Agreement INF-8074i industry standard as well. Because our focus is providing top quality service, we are performing serious quality checks before delivery of our products. As a result, we do optical parameter measurements, connector cleanness tests and SFP transceiver EEPROM memory data validation tests.

V50017-U323-K500 STM-1 MODULE S-1.1 (SFP S1.1) Siemens  
V50017-U331-K500 STM-4 Module L-4.1 (SFP L4.1) Siemens
C50228-Z100-B102 CABLE CONNECTOR KIT 1/2 SU Siemens
V50017-U330-K500 STM-4 Module S-4.1 (SFP S4.1) Siemens
V50017-U772-K500 XFP 1500NM40KM FOR STM64 AND 10GBASE-E  
V50017-U343-K500 STM-16 MODULE I-16.1 (SFP I16.1) Siemens
V50017-U341-K500 STM-16 Module L-16.1 (SFP L16.1) Siemens
V50017-U770-K500 XFP, 1300NM, 2KM FOR STM64, 10KM FOR 10GBASEL-L
V50017-U363-K500 SFP 1,25 GB Ethernet LX, 10Km, 1310nm, mono mode 
V50017-U342-K500 STM-16 MODULE L-16.2/3 Siemens 
V50017-U340-K500 STM-16 MODULE S-16.1 Siemens       
V50017-U325-K500 STM-1 MODULE L-1.2/3 Siemens  
V50017-U324-K500 STM-1 MODULE L-1.1 Siemens
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